2019 Best Analysis of Western Classical Furniture Culture

2019 Best Analysis of Western Classical Furniture Culture

Western classical furniture not only has a luxurious appearance but also has meticulous craftsmanship and strict rigor in the production process. Western classical furniture has a profound cultural atmosphere, combined with exquisite craftsmanship, the current Western classical furniture has transcended the popular concept and has become a symbol of taste and identity. Next, we will introduce you to the analysis of Western classical furniture culture.

Western style 

  • Western classical furniture history

The early Western classical furniture was a luxury for the noble bourgeoisie, who enjoyed the luxury and privilege.

  • Western classical furniture style 

1. Ancient Egyptian style

The ancient Egyptian style of Western classical furniture emphasizes the decorativeness of furniture beyond practicality. It is often used as a decorative material for gold and silver, ivory, gemstones, etc. for inlaying and engraving


Western style Western style Western style 


2.Ancient Western style 

Western classical furniture in ancient Western style mainly uses embossing and inlay methods, and snail patterns are commonly used. The most special place in Western classical furniture is the inverted tower-shaped rise at the bottom of the furniture. The decorative cushions on the furniture often have decorative silk spikes. The ancient Gaussian style of furniture can be seen that the ancient Assyrians pursued material enjoyment more than the Egyptians.


Western style Western style 


3.Ancient Greek style 

The charm of ancient Greek style furniture in western classical furniture lies in its styling suiting the requirements of human life. The ancient Greek furniture achieves a good unity in function and form beauty, reflecting the freedom and lively temperament, based on practicality and not excessively pursuing decoration. Western classical furniture has a simple and smooth line and a light and sleek design, which gives people a sense of beauty and comfort. Among them, chairs, stools, lounge chairs, table boxes, etc. are all the furniture of ancient Greek style in Western classical furniture.


Western style  Western style  Western style 


4. Ancient Roman style

The ancient Roman style of western classical furniture has a luxurious style.  Ancient Roman-style furniture is finely carved to show the characteristics of molded Chinese and Russian figures and plants.

Western style  Western style  Western style 


Western Classical Furniture


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