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50% power left in 2020

                                                                           50% power left in 2020

Caught off guard, the year 2020 is already halfway through, and various mid-year and quarterly reviews have quietly begun.The year 2020 is an extraordinary year. An unexpected epidemic has disrupted the rhythm of the whole world. A Spring Festival when we can't meet each other, a daily routine made up of masks, thermometers, alcohol and disinfectant.

In our home Ge You lie down to make contributions to the country, the front of the medical staff, soldiers, epidemic prevention personnel and other heroes always in the front line fighting against the virus, Zhong Nanshan, Li Wenliang, Zhang Wenhong, Li Lanjuan......One loud name, on the news on TV, we all can see them with sweat with protective clothing in frontline combat ying, also has a lot of civilian heroes, and even leaving a name, for the epidemic area donations, donate supplies, in the most distress when voluntary support key areas, an epidemic, shows the Chinese people the spirit of solidarity, the national people's heart, at the moment, are on a rope, wake up every day in the attention of the progress of the epidemic, the in the mind looking forward to looking at the outbreak of the past quickly.

Under the national people's past efforts to struggle, the epidemic has been under control, though he still has to wear a face mask, maintain social distance, but we were able to restore the previous life, friends can meet between loved ones, to return to work and production, the work of the people continued to the fast pace of life struggle, just, in which a more treasure, more a feeling of life.

However, the epidemic is not over yet. The number of infected people in the world has recently exceeded 10 million. In the age of global village, we still cannot relax our vigilance.We should be glad to be born in China, born in this democratic, powerful country of China, under the protection of the state, the people resumed their daily life.

No matter how ruthless the epidemic, life goes on.This disaster, let people forget the goals and expectations of the year before, but also let thousands of businesses bankrupt, countless people out of work, so there is an idea that can survive this year, is the greatest victory.

Epidemic even scientists can't determine when to end, perhaps the next period of time, should be used and will be coronavirus fight every day, indeed, we can escape this fate, is how lucky, because have this kind of lucky, just to be more good life, this be worthy, previously did not dare to do, brave to do it, used to want to do, to do it, to establish goals, to go to work, you deserve a better yourself, this time also see the power of the life, can let all the impossible possible, how much life is not easy, how fragile how brave,Let us embrace life and live the life we want with the courage we have learned from the epidemic.

The electric quantity of 2020 is only 50%, and it can't be charged. Just like every day is the youngest day in your life, the past time can't be retrieved. In the remaining half year, let Louisny furniture accompany you to fight together, and set out for the life you want!

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