Why recliner sofa Is So Hard And What You Can Do About It

Ⅰ.the factory model: 30% of the store, 70% OEM (only for larger orders).

Ⅱ.the core products: functional sofas, cinema sofas, beds, mattresses.

Ⅲ.accurate customer positioning: dealers, wholesalers, brands.

Ⅳ.our advantages:

⒈Quality: According to the French standard, after 7 quality inspections, the quality is handmade for 5 years.

⒉Service: Based on service, quality is the survival, technology is the development.

⒊Pre-sales: more than 1000 well-known multinational companies/wholesalers, more than 5 years of industry experience A sales consultant team is at your service.

⒋In-sale: The production progress is updated weekly during production, and the whole process is followed up to 2 weeks after the door.
⒌After-sales: 6-20 days to follow up, and provide sales video, sales planning plan every quarter.
⒍Efficiency: 2 weeks of global order delivery, domestic one-day delivery, custom 30-day delivery.

⒎R&D: French R&D team with more than 15 years, senior designer and team in China for more than 15 years  8 people, the world's leading new 6 models are launched every quarter.

V.Positioning: Louis Danny Home, a world-renowned brand.


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