Cloth fabric sofa advantages and disadvantages of cloth fabric sofa

Advantages and disadvantages of cloth fabric sofa

Sofa is almost every family living room necessary furniture,the market sofa material is very many, common,leather sofa,cloth fabric sofa.solid wood sofa and other materials.In terms of appearance,sofa fashion avantgarde.Advantages of  sofas

Compared with leather sofa,sofa is cheap,most young people can afford it;in appearance.sofa is more fashionable and changeable,fabric sofa color,shape,style is more diverse.people's choice is more diversified;And many sofa can separate sofa cover,if do not like the color of this sofa,can change a sofa cover directly,simple and convenientDisadvantages of sofas.

Fabric sofa is not dirty.sofa is mainly made of cloth surface,once contaminated with water,oil, juice and other liquids.will be absorbed,can not wipe clean,must be removed and cleaned.

Sofa disassembly is not easy.sofa although sofa cover can be removed completely clean,but sofa disassembly.will inevitably pull, sofa cover is easy to deform,and then the sponge on the sofa is also deformed.In addition, sofa cover once washed,will fade,not as bright and colorful as before.Sofa frame is easy to deform.sofa price although cheap,but there is a saying called "a penny a penny ".cloth fabric sofa at the bottom of the framework is very simple,a long time,easy to deform and damage.

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