Advantages and disadvantages of genuine leather sofa -

Advantages and disadvantages of genuine leather sofa

Sofa is almost every family living room necessary furniture, the market sofa material is very many, common, genuine leather sofa, cloth sofa, solid wood sofa and other materials. In terms of appearance, the genuine leather sofa looks high-end atmosphere.Advantages of  leather sofa

Genuine leather sofa is made of leather made of animal skin,common leather sofa material is pig skin,sheep skin,cowhide. The biggest advantage of leather sofa is high-end atmosphere, but also has the advantages of smooth and soft texture, good permeability, strong and durable. In addition,leather sofa due to smooth surface,cleaning is very convenient,usually only need to wipe with soft wet cloth. Summer leather sofa feel cool and comfortable, very popular.Disadvantages of leather sofa

leather sofa is expensive,ordinary family is very difficult to afford the price of leather sofa, and those cheap leather sofa,mostly fake and inferior products or defective products, poor quality leather sofa cleaning and maintenance improper, will give off the smell of skin!

leather sofa maintenance is very troublesome, if there are children or pets at home,accidentally will scratch the sofa, use carefully. And the  leather sofa is made of animal leather,once the maintenance is improper. The animal grease in the leather will be lost,resulting in sofa deformation,leather damage. So need to wipe the leather care agent regularly.

leather sofa is smooth and soft, the summer touch is cool, but the summer often sits on the leather sofa, the skin and the sofa contact surface will sweat sticky greasy, lets the person feel uncomfortable; genuine leather sofa is too cold!

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