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Characteristics of American sofa

American furniture emphasizes natural materials such as original wood, and emphasizes a variety of permutations and combinations. In addition to some functional designs, the pursuit of expressing a unique style in design reflects the philosophy of personal life.

American sofa


1. With warm and soft colors. Due to the emphasis on the natural style of the home, the selection of colors in the American-style sofa is mainly refreshing, soft and comfortable.

American sofa

2. Pay attention to plain design lines. American casual sofas do not emphasize creativity, but tend to be intimate at home style, pay attention to traditional furniture design, and emphasize environmentally friendly materials. Such as the use of antibacterial fabrics.

American sofa

3. Emphasize random and natural placement. According to the person in charge of the distribution of American-style sofas, American-style sofas do not particularly emphasize the design and placement of complete sets, but also advocate free combinations, mainly emphasizing personal preferences.American sofa

Q1:Do you have MOQ?

A1:For the stock product,we don’t have MOQ. But for the new one,best selling product. We have MOQ.MOQ is 3 sets.

Q2:Can we buy one sample on Alibaba?

A2: We are major in wholesale, we do not recommend retail purchase. If the sample is purchased individually, the sample fee will be increased. If you want to make a large number of order,of course you can buy one sample on Alibaba,Maybe we can return the sample fee to you after you make big order.

Q3:How to pay on Alibaba by trade assurance?

A3:The buyer should give important personal/company information to us.

Then we will fulfill the messages you give us. We will send a payment link to the buyers.

The last thing You should do is to pay the order. And the order will be done.

Q4:If the buyers meet some difficulties when making trade assurance payment,what should they do?

A4::If you have some questions about the procedure. You can call us. We have contact information on Alibaba. You can also add us whatsapp and wechat,there are also have other payment ways.Such as TT.Paypal and Western Union and so on.

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