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Comfortable sofa, add points to your life!(1)

The sofa has always been the protagonist of the living room. A delicate sofa can not only bring more pleasant leisure time, but also enhance the tone of the entire living room, bringing more stunning visual effects. Compared to ordinary home sofas, recliner sofas are more comfortable!

Comfortable sofa

The recliner sofa allows people to find the most suitable angle and posture to lie on the sofa after work, and relax yourself better. Even when reading books and listening to music, it will be more comfortable and comfortable with it!

Comfortable sofa

When choosing a recliner sofa, there are certain requirements and steps. We can't choose randomly like ordinary sofas, it is better to choose a style with a longer service life and a higher cost performance!

Comfortable sofa

Like ordinary sofas, recliner sofas are divided into two types when choosing. One is a single recliner sofa, which can be matched with a sofa in the living room. A single recliner sofa can be placed anywhere in the home, which is more practical. Such as living room, bedroom corner, or balcony area. In addition to single recliner sofas, multi-person recliner sofas are more suitable for larger rooms, and can also directly replace ordinary sofas! While chasing the drama, you can lie in it and enjoy leisure time!

Comfortable sofa

Q1:Do you have MOQ?

A1:For the stock product,we don’t have MOQ. But for the new one,best selling product. We have MOQ.MOQ is 3 sets.

Q2:Can we buy one sample on Alibaba?

A2: We are major in wholesale, we do not recommend retail purchase. If the sample is purchased individually, the sample fee will be increased. If you want to make a large number of order,of course you can buy one sample on Alibaba,Maybe we can return the sample fee to you after you make big order.

Q3:How to pay on Alibaba by trade assurance?

A3:The buyer should give important personal/company information to us.

Then we will fulfill the messages you give us. We will send a payment link to the buyers.

The last thing You should do is to pay the order. And the order will be done.

Q4:If the buyers meet some difficulties when making trade assurance payment,what should they do?

A4::If you have some questions about the procedure. You can call us. We have contact information on Alibaba. You can also add us whatsapp and wechat,there are also have other payment ways.Such as TT.Paypal and Western Union and so on.

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