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Electric massage sofa

The electric massage sofa refers to that all operations of the sofa rely on the built-in motor, which is controlled by electricity after being powered on. The electric massage sofa can well control the rising and falling angles of the sofa's backrest through the down and up buttons on the switch. It can provide a most suitable angle for people to relax. Electric massage sofa is usually 1900 * 800 * 600mm. cushion height: 420 cushion depth: 550 cushion width: 600. The design of the sofa structure usually uses a mortise steel and wood structure. The electric massage sofa with the structure is firm and reliable, and does not sit for a long time.

electric massage sofa

Advantages: The electric massage sofa makes our sitting position beneficial to the blood circulation of the body. The perfect fit design makes you feel the pleasure of zero pressure relaxation in the whole body when tired. Reveal the open spiritual world from time to time. We have been pursuing an experience called comfort to the bone. The electric massage sofa can  make you feel it.

Disadvantages: Some people are not suitable to use electric massage sofas: First, patients with hypertension and osteoporosis. It is possible to cause heart disease and high blood pressure, because massage can speed up the blood circulation of the human body. While osteoporosis is due to calcium deficiency and other reasons, it is easy to cause bones to become brittle. The massage force is too tense, and it is particularly easy to cause fractures. The second is patients with local skin damage, ulcers, bleeding, tuberculosis, and tumors. The third is people who suffer from severe lumbar spondylosis, who are hungry, oversatisfied, drunk, or overtired.

electric massage sofa

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