leather sofa, Fabrication technology of leather sofa

Fabrication technology of leather sofa

Sofa is mainly divided into classical and modern two types. The production technology of modern modeling sofa is simpler than that of classical modeling,and its production technology route is short,which is convenient for large-scale production. The present sofa should conform to the ergonomics principle in the structure design,so that the sitting person can achieve the most comfortable,healthy and reasonable sitting posture.Frame is the main structure of sofa,to meet the requirements of modeling and strength. The materials of making frame are wood, steel,wood-based board, MDF,etc. It has the advantages of large size,not easy to produce insects,not easy to corrode,good strength and high yield,especially for curve parts.Each side of the sofa is a board,they are called leather board, leather board fabric texture,color determines the sofa grade. Leather mainly includes cowhide and pigskin,before the production of natural skin to check,avoid scars,defects. According to the different needs of sofa grade,you can add 2-4 mm triads or composite paper on the surface. The surface of the frame should be polished, deburred and acute to avoid hidden trouble. Each frame is a handicraft.According to the requirements of the batching list,the leather plate is placed on the front of the cowhide,and the brush marks used should be easily scrubbed. After drawing,cut according to the template. During cutting,we should pay attention to the important parts such as armrest,cushion skin,backrest and so on. Leather samples should avoid large defects and large defects. Template as close as possible to improve the utilization rate of cattle skin. After cutting,the sofa cushion, armrest,backrest,sorting package,put on a good model label.You can also check more detailed about our product in our Alibaba store.

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