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Have you heard of partitioned mattresses?

The partition design of the mattress is a typical and necessary ergonomic design in the mattress design.
The purpose of its design is to match the different weight characteristics of different parts of the human body.
The mattress is designed to provide different support for different positions of the human body.
The simple understanding is: the waist and abdomen are the heaviest parts of the human body, and are located in the middle of the mattress when lying on the mattress.
Make the middle section of the mattress harder than the two sides to ensure that the user maintains a natural body curve when lying on it.
To be reminded, the more zones are not the better, the three zones are suitable for sleeping on your back.
The five zones are suitable for side sleeping; the seven zones are suitable for users with shorter heights.
When choosing, pay attention to the fact that there are three-stage seven-zones and five-stage seven-zones in the seven zones.
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