Hello, in April, Louis Danne is your longest companionship.

Hello, in April, Louis Danne is your longest companionship.

Shasha wind leaf valley

Autumn air swirls Xiao  

Flower sea flower

Move the charity dance to the fairy cheek

Hello, April

 In April, the world is warm and warm. Watching the April day, let the heart of the ocean overflow with the fragrance of flowers. There is truth in the world, and the truth is always warm. In the beautiful April, Louis Danny is your longest companionship.

The warm single chair makes the time of solitude easy. In the leisure time,
 we can calm down and listen to the music, carefully pondering the subtleties, 
and the mood will follow.

The cool game chair will not let you feel lonely in your leisure time,
 take you into the world of the game, and play life with a group of like-minded friends, 
bringing you the pleasure of body and mind.
The room is equipped with luxurious fabrics and furniture. With thick and lively color, 
unrestrained and atmospheric layout, and natural and beautiful lines, 
the fashion and art fusion will bring out different sparks, bringing you a vision. feast.
Like you like the warmth of the spring breeze,
 like you like the tenderness of autumn water, 
this is hidden in the eyes of the eyes can not speak words!

Like you like the hot summer, 
like you like the winter ice, 
this is deep in the heart can not tell the love!

Always attached to the simple style of life, comfortable and comfortable environment,
 I only want to spend a wonderful April with you with a light heart, Louis Danny, 
is your best choice, if you really treat me, I will Dedicated to you, with you, 
with joy and sorrow, accompany you to listen to the sound of flowers in April, 
and embrace you in the rainy season, feel the beauty of the world.

                   ----From Louis Danne's confession to you
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