Home fabric sofa placement direction and feng shui (under)

Home fabric sofa placement direction and feng shui (under)

I believe we all know that in the decoration to pay attention to the feng shui of the house.But few people will know that the location of the home fabric sofa will also involve feng shui.Therefore, the living room sofa placement is also to pay attention to geomantic problems.4.On the top of the home fabric sofa should not direct the light.

In order to decorate the living room,someone will shine the lamp straight on the sofa to show the warm style of the living room. But in feng shui,this approach is very bad.And in environmental science,such an approach can make people dizzy,sitting and lying restless.5.Home fabric sofa best against the wall.

There are reliable walls behind the sofa,indicating that there is a backer,no back care. So in line with the feng shui way.If the back of the sofa is not reliable,screen or cabinet can also play a role behind the sofa. But if the sofa is behind the door,window,aisle,that is,there is no back,is scattered, difficult to prosperous wealth.6.Home fabric sofa can't put it under the beam.

Sofa in the placement should pay attention to its relationship with the surrounding environment.Sofa can not be placed under the beam,as we all know in feng shui beam roof is a big taboo.The sofa is placed under the beam.And the sitting person is vulnerable to the pressure of the air field and the spirit is weak.Living room sofa placement,both atmospheric and comfortable.You can also check more detailed about our product in our Alibaba store.

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