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How much does it cost to make a sofa seat?

              How much does it cost to make a sofa seat?

     For Home theater sofa,Whether it is leather sofa, fabric sofa or utility sofa, spring is an essential accessory, spring good or bad resolution sofa Is the comfort, but also the resolution of the useful life of the sofa, sofa bed spring should be soft and hard moderate, elastic balance. And good quality spring support component when there is no sound or perhaps very little sound, which is also a method of differentiation.

   Cinema sofa seat is actually a generic term, cowhide, pigskin, horse skin, donkey skin can be used as a sofa raw material. Leather has natural pores and skin grain, feel plump, soft, flexible.

   Should try to the main CD sources and amplification of some independent to place, due to overlapping placement will result in resonance and affect the machine. When the speakers broadcast music, the air makes the device to follow the vibration, the two overlapping machines will pass each other resonance, so that the music in the Tiny messages are obscured and interfere with the transmission of the bands, creating a kind of acoustic pollution, as if one of them were a CD player, itself. The effect is further aggravated by the fact that the motor is running continuously during playback of the disc, which increases the resonance fluctuations. Therefore, it is necessary to place the device on a separate stabilizing rack.

  Leather has good heat resistance, moisture resistance and ventilation characteristics, coupled with the natural weave of leather is relatively non-directional, both flat, hanging and even stretch; In addition, leather dyeing is not easy to fade, and has an elegant color, excellent touch and bright appearance, so has been very popular with consumers.

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