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How to choose a fabric sofa?

In the home furniture, sofas have always been one of the most important protagonists. So what should we know to choose a stylish fabric sofa

A. Appearance

1. style
The style of the fabric sofa is changeable. American and European country style fabric sofas often use floral or plaid fabric to create a natural and warm atmosphere; Spanish classical style is commonly used in brocade and satin weave fabric with gold silk, and the temperament is luxurious; Italian style is simple and generous, commonly using very vivid or extremely cool monochrome fabric, unique personality. Because the fabric sofa can remove the cloth cover, it is also possible to customize other cloth covers according to your own preferences, making the fabric sofa more diverse and diversified. Pick your favorite style and filter.

2. color
The color choice of the sofa should be determined according to the atmosphere of the home. The sofa is not suitable for picking strikingly bright colors when the color of the living room’s dado or the wall is not white and If you choose a plain fabric, it will be elegant. If you like to let the living room have a classical atmosphere, choose a darker color sofa or striped sofa. If the living room wall is four white, the choice of dark fabric will make the interior look clean and peaceful, and comfortable; if the doors and windows are white, elegant and generous, more complex fabric sofa is more suitable.

3. fabrics
The sofa with generous style and high quality fabric has a texture. When choosing a fabric sofa, you should pay attention to the selection of high-quality fabrics. Otherwise, if the poor fabric fades and the ball is plucked, it will look like a price drop. If the sofa has a printed pattern, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether the flower shape of the splicing part is consistent, and whether the square is inclined or twisted.

B. Quality

1. sofa skeleton
Whether the sofa frame is strong or not is directly related to the service life and quality assurance of the sofa.
Specific method: Lift one end of the three-person sofa, to see when the lifting part is separated from the floor by 10cm, wether the other side of the leg is off the ground. Only the other side is also off the ground, the inspection is passed.

louis donne stylish fabric sofa

2. structure of the sofa
If the sofa is made up of decorative panels or plywood, it is necessary to look closely at the adhesion between the two materials and whether there is any damage. Especially for the steel-structured sofa, the weld is a key. Open the part that can be opened as much as possible. Look carefully and carefully to avoid loosening and collapsing after sedentary. If it is a wood-structured fabric sofa, the main frame part is generally made of a shackle structure. If it is found that the inner frame is all assembled by nails, it must not be purchased.

3. sofa filling material
The quality of the sofa filling material is a major criterion for the quality of the sofa.
Specific method: press the handrail and backrest of the sofa by hand. If the presence of the wooden frame can be clearly felt, it proves that the filling density of the sofa is not high and the elasticity is not good enough. The sofa frame that is easily pressed can also accelerate the wear of the sofa cover and reduce the service life of the sofa.

4. the resilience of the sofa
Sofas with poor resilience tend to make people sit more and more tired, so try not to choose such sofas because of price advantage.
Specific method: Let the body sit on the sofa in a free fall style, and the body will be bounced at least twice by the sofa cushion to ensure that the sofa is elastic and has a longer service life.

5. the feel of the sofa
The feel of the sofa is very important, and the good sofa is handled in detail in the details. The surface of the sofa is flat and there is no irritating skin.

In addition to the above aspects, a good sofa can be expressed from the after-sales service. Some big-name sofa dealers will indicate the after-sales warranty period and provide environmental certificates when selling sofas. Under normal circumstances, the quality of the sofa is relatively long. Imported sofas will also provide a supplier's authorization to ensure product quality and safety.

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