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How to clean white leather sofa?

  1. Simple cleaning

In folks, there is a widely used method to clean white leather sofas with egg whites and milk. The specific method is to put egg whites in an appropriate amount of milk and carefully apply it to the place you want to clean. Wait a few minutes. When the egg white milk is wiped off with a dry towel, the stains are wiped off at the same time as the egg white milk is wiped off. This method comes from folk and is for your reference only.

  1. Deep cleaning

If you bought a white leather sofa for one to two years, you should clean it at this time. Then, how can the white leather sofa be cleaned to protect the leather from harm?

First of all, we need a product, that is, polishing wax. Polishing wax can not only protect the leather sofa from cracking, but also enhance the brightness and gloss of the leather sofa. Therefore, after using the white leather sofa for one year, Its cortex will become dull. And at this time, it is no problem as long as it is glazed.

Professional cleaning

If you think that your white leather sofa has started to appear dim after being used for many years, and it does not work well after several treatments. Then don’t forget the professional furniture cleaning from aa furniture store at this time. How does a professional cleaning store clean white leather sofas?

General professional furniture product cleaning shops have professional cleaning equipment and professional cleaning staff. They not only make the stains on the sofa disappear, but also perform an effective care on it. Professionally clean the white leather The leather of the sofa is soft, smooth and completely renewed.

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