soft leather sofa, How to identify the sponge quality of the soft leather sofa.

How to identify the sponge quality of the soft leather sofa

The living room sofa is a kind of furniture, mainly placed in the living room. The choice of soft leather sofa is closely related to the atmosphere, taste and style of the living room. As the most eye-catching large-scale furniture in the living room, it should be unified with the color style of the ceiling, wall, floor, doors and windows to achieve a coordinated effect.Ways to judge whether sponge is good or bad.

First look at the appearance. Generally speaking,the more delicate the surface of the soft leather sofa sponge,the better,that is,the smaller the pores,the better. (Except for space sponge and chaotic sponge). Next,press it by hand. A fluffy sponge that can rebound quickly is a high-quality sponge,and a sponge that shrinks into a ball is a low-quality sponge. Then smell the smell. Normal sponges have a little smell,but if they have a pungent smell, they are inferior. Finally,look at the intensity. High-quality soft leather sofa sponge is not easy to be torn. If the sponge breaks by hand,it must be inferior sponge.The resilience of the sofa is easier to judge. If you sit on a sofa with a high-quality sponge, there will be a depression of 5-10 cm, and the rebound time is very fast, and the surface is flat. The opposite is true for sofas with inferior sponges.fabric recliner sofa

As one of the main materials of the soft leather sofa, sponge directly affects the service life of the soft leather sofa and human health. Therefore, when buying a sofa or a mattress, consumers must experience it personally. Only by careful observation can they not be deceived by the appearance, and choose what they like the product.

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