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June – PK War Launch Conference

With The Will Of The People, Sail Forward

Note that Shenzhen Meiwei Bong furniture marketing center "take the wind and break the waves" to start the meeting activities.

In June, summer, in this exciting time, June 5, Shenzhen Meimei Private Marketing Center ushered in the launch of the "stormy waves", marketing director Loy and team partners to participate in the launch meeting.

After nearly a week of preparation, under the careful planning of the team partners, everyone divided work and worked together. A prosperous meeting was held in this way. The "take the Wind and break the Wave" campaign aimed at online Alibaba and traditional new customers. Motivate team partners to work hard to develop new customers, team activities are discussed by the team members and determined to implement, everyone fully develop their own wisdom, take responsibility for the activities proposed by their own team, And go all out, go straight ahead.

There are four teams in this team, the Wolf Warriors team, three members, Brent, Sylvia and Frankh, the Fire Wolf team, and three members, including Mayan, Emily and Janie, the Light Speed team, which is composed of Selina and Trista, although there are only two players. But they didn't lose to any other team, and the last one was the Eagles, from Shenzhen Hyderley Furniture Co., Ltd., and our friendly team. Our friends were very good, and they were made up of Peter, Betty and Louis.

Team partners are also full of confidence, high-spirited, determined to achieve performance goals.

Next, let's show everyone the style of each team. (this is the target card for each team.) first, Wolf Warriors team Brent is going to lose weight.

Then it ' s the Fire Wolf team . The captain is looking at the members , Captain May.

Then there's the King of Veterans, brother and brother, haha.

And then there's the Lightspeed team, Captain Selina, who is reading out the performance goals.

After the target card was obtained, it was a military command, a drink of wine, and a strong determination to achieve the goal to the death. Suddenly, the whole meeting hall was full of energy and asked the world who was the hero. Who's ambitious in the face of each partner to perform incisively and vividly, such an excellent team, such an excellent partner, want to succeed or not, is not it?

PS: show everyone the trophies and certificates in advance. Of course, the prize money will have to wait until the last time.

 Thank the whole United States for the selfless efforts of the national team! Friends of the United States, you are the best! Cheer for your youth and passion!

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