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Leather Chesterfield sofa


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The Chesterfield sofa is an iconic style sofa of British origin, characterized by equal height armrests. and backrest, with its classic buckle design and smooth curves, the Chesterfield takes its name from the 18th century. Lord Chastlefield IV of England, a prominent English statesman, writer, diplomat and designer, a talented and A renowned talent with a unique taste, author of "Advice for a Lifetime," "The Earl's Letter," and "Spiritual Growth is More Important than Success . He combined the design philosophy of the British royal family with his own extensive travels in continental Europe to design a classic British royal style. The sofa, which was later named after him for this type of style, so the Leather chesterfield sofa It is not only a unique style, luxury and high-end brand sofa, but also a kind of European history and culture, is the 18th century European ancient culture. Essence embodied.

Dubbed the 'mother of sofas' for its unique style and cultural heritage, in 20th-century Europe no home would be complete without a Chesterfield sofa. Some things will become more and more valuable as time goes by. For hundreds of years, Chesterfield luxury and high-end style has always been the first choice of high-end sofa, which has become not only a reflection of taste, but also a kind of cultural belief.

Chesterfield has survived for centuries and still stands at the pinnacle of high-end sofas, in addition to its historical roots. Mainly its unique design style and the demanding requirements of manual technology. From the sofa's diffraction stitching, the craft of pulling buttons to the choice of leather, each process is rigorous and orderly, the leather to use the finest first layer of yellow cowhide. A whole head of natural cowhide, not allowing any blemish, each buckle corresponding to match several pieces of fabric, all have strict requirements, one stitch. After dozens of processes, the sofa has a neat and flat appearance. The distance of each diffraction stitch is accurate to the millimeter, and the comfort is incomparable to other sofas.

Life should have a sense of ritual, from every detail of life, we can strive for better quality for ourselves, if you want to go back to the 18th century to experience the British royal life experience, Chesterfield is your best choice.


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