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March Exhibition Summary

Celebrate the 2018 Mar.CIFF complete perfectly
Due to have the good effect in the Guangzhou International fair,we prepare of that before one month.

Everyone have his assignment for prepare that,We prepared very carefully, and finally, that day came.
We prepare some fruits and between-meal nibbles and practicability gift,and we prepare the Display machine can show music and product pictures.


So the effect of nearby showroom,we are almost the best effect,although the serve and the product design and quality,we are the extrusive.


Don ' t say so much , next show our company ' s newly - listed hot - selling products

This Style is popular in most country market,such like Europe.Middle East, is popular from his design,back cushion stitching,and the are stitching.

Seat bag, depending on the layer of bag, and comfortable and full, bright color.

This sofa suitable in living room and personal cinema room,Heat and cold regulating cup, with control electric panel.

OK,now let me show you after CIFF,our activity photo.This is the rooms nearby our live.

Look,this is our BBQ phone,we buy so much food there to make BBQ,so nice.

Haha,this is our collogue,we live in the big room have 3 bed,can live 6 people.

This is internal pictures,it is good?

The end,thank you for support and focus on us.

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