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Korean Style Available Power Electric Genuine Leather Sofa With Blue-Tooth Speaker For Living Room And Commercial Use

Product Specification:

  • Application::

    Home Office, Living Room, Hotel, Entry, Hall, Basement, Gym

  • Feature:

    Adjustable (other), Storage, reclining

  • Material:


  • Brand Name:

    Louis Donne

  • Cover Material:

    Genuine leather&PVC

  • Delivery time:

    25-30 Days

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Modern sofas are divided into leather sofas and fabric sofas. The inner frames of leather sofas and fabric sofas are roughly the same.
Only the outer fabric is different. The leather sofa is made of animal skin as raw material.
After technical processing, it is made into the surface of the sofa;
The fabric sofa is made of cloth as the main material, which is processed by art to meet the needs of the public.

English: Modern sofa The most popular among the younger generation is the modern sofa.
Of course, this style of sofa will be more concise and bright only with the combination of matching furniture.
Most of the modern sofa styles in the furniture market are determined by style and fabric selection.
The style is simple but not simple,
There are corner type and combined type, which are suitable for public living rooms.

The inner frame of the sofa is the key structure for the shape, comfort and firmness of a sofa.
From the selection of materials to the production of the inner frame, all are strictly in accordance with professional design technology and industry standards.

Inner frame wood: The inner frame wood is mainly made of high-hardness hard wood (such as birch, etc.); all wood is baked at a high temperature of about 500 degrees,
The moisture content is 8-12%, which fully conforms to Chinese and export standards.

It is strictly forbidden to step on the sofa, so as to avoid the loss of elasticity of the bottom strap.

Direct sunlight should be avoided to avoid local fading of the fabric; avoid close to high temperature heat sources to prevent the sponge from aging over time.

Vacuum the sofa surface frequently.

If the sofa cover is dirty, it can be removed and cleaned, but only dry clean, iron on medium temperature, and avoid bleaching and washing.

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