Louis Donne Red Genuines Leather 3 Seat VIP Home Theater Sofa

Louis Donne Red Genuines Leather 3 Seat VIP Home Theater Sofa

Product Specification:

  • Product name:

    Louis Donne

  • Material:

    Leather or Fabric

  • Color:

    Customer's option

  • Size:

    1 seat/2 seat/3 seat/4 seat......

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VIP Home Theater Sofa by Louis donne
Our Louis donne line of vip home theater sofa offers the perfect blend of style and comfort for every occasion. These home theater sofa are crafted to the highest quality standards, which will last for years of enjoyment. A solid frame in each chair is topped by plush cushioning, which also provides superb lumbar support. Each sofa comes in its own unique design style, from contemporary to classic, which will blend seamlessly into any theater decor setup. Cup holders in each armrest keep drinks firmly in place and within arm’s reach. Many of these home theater sofa come with chaise-lounger recline or hidden in-arm storage compartments. With all these features added to the Louis donne standard, your home theater will never be the same.


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