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Xmas decoration Christmas fabric Sticks L shape 3seater loveseat Elastic Straps Furniture Protector Stretch Sofa Slipcover

Product Specification:

  • Applicable Sofa::

    Three-seat Sofa

  • Material:

    100% Cotton

  • Style::


  • Pattern::


  • Size::

    90-140cm, 145-185CM, 190-230cM, 235-300CM

  • Product name::

    strech slipcovers

  • Place of Origin::

    Guangdong, China

  • Payment::

    TT 30% Deposit

  • Usage::

    Hotel .restaurant .banquet. Home

  • Function::

    lazy sofa, comfortable seat

  • Logo::

    Customized Logo


    15-25 Working Days

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The sofa cover is the coat of the sofa, which refers to the items covering the surface of the sofa.
Usually, sofa covers are divided into two types: removable and non-removable.
Generally, when ordering a sofa, merchants will recommend ordering an extra set of sofa covers for replacement.
(Only fully removable and washable sofas can be used as coat replacement)
When choosing a sofa cover, you must consider that the color of the sofa cover matches the overall style of the room.
Generally speaking, the sofa is the center of the whole room.
Therefore, the color of the sofa cover or sofa towel should be suitable for the general.
It is best to match the surroundings.
When choosing colors and designs, it is best to be close to the original fabric of the sofa.
The style of the sofa cover should be matched with the sofa.
For example, the sofa is decorated with shawls,

which can be knitted, drawn, mesh buttons, cross-stitched and other fabrics.
If your walls are light colors,
Or if the living room has a large space, you can choose large flowers and large square patterns with bright and fresh colors;
If your walls are already a darker color,
Or if the interior space is limited, it is more elegant to choose light colors.

Linen sofa cover is a relatively high-grade fabric. The advantages of natural hemp material are that it is warm in winter and cool in summer, strong in three-dimensional sense, and not easy to wrinkle. But pay attention, the shrinkage rate of hemp material is very high, so pay attention to buying more when buying fabrics, and do pre-shrinking treatment (soak with water for some time) before making.

Plush sofa cover fabric is also a good choice for sofas. Has been deeply loved by consumers. Compatible with many decorating styles. It is one of the most popular fashion sofa cover fabrics on the market today, and it looks very premium. This type of sofa cover fabric has good thermal properties and is more suitable for winter use. The single suede is not so resistant to dirt, so it should be used with care.

Color pattern patterns can not be ignored

Check to see if the pattern of the cushion cover is clear and uniform in color. You can cut a sample of the cushion cover and wipe the cover with a damp cloth to see if there is any discoloration.

Darker sofa covers are suitable for a rigorous and low-key decoration style. Now many business elites like this simple and calm living room decoration style, which is dominated by dark colors. At this time, choosing a dark sofa cover can make the sofa and the overall decoration of the living room more harmonious.

On the contrary, if it is a warm and fresh style living room decoration, the overall color tone of the living room, walls, floors and various furniture colors are relatively light, then of course the sofa cover should also choose bright and gentle light colors, such as beige, light blue, etc. .

In addition to coordinating with the decoration style, the appearance of the sofa cover should also match the material. Different material sofa covers are suitable for different appearances. For example, the sofa cover made of hemp fabric, this kind of fabric is better to choose static surface or plain flower as the sofa cover (it should be coordinated with the interior decoration color), and it will have a low-key texture.

The suede has its own extravagance, and you can choose a more gorgeous pattern.

Cotton is more versatile, generally speaking, there are no restrictions, just look comfortable. Choosing a softer pattern or a low-saturation solid color may better highlight the gentleness of cotton.

For those who pursue quality, not only the furniture such as coffee tables and sofas should be carefully selected, but even the selection of sofa covers is also very particular. Not everyone has the money to buy the most expensive and best, but choosing the most suitable one within the scope of ability will improve the quality of life invisibly.

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