Retro is a personality, a modern style of classical sofa

Retro is a personality, a modern style of classical sofa

            When it comes to home design, most people focus on the Nordic, minimalist, modern style. However, there is a so-called "retro" amorous, also always lasting. The retro sofa carries the feelings of a lot of people.

            There are many elements involved in the retro style, such as European-style pull-point technology, ancient rivet decoration, solid wood main frame, luxurious atmospheric waxy fabric, etc., which can be used in the design of sofa, can show the retro-antiquity of the sofa.

            Of course, in order to meet the aesthetic needs of the present, more designers mix classical and modern together, the atmosphere of modern style and the elegance of classical style coexist, fashion and aristocrat reflect each other. To bring home the excellent taste of neo-classical style.

1, simple European-style armchair sofa. Simple European-style armchair sofa, exquisite, comfortable curve, extremely favored design elements, typical American country style, not only to prevent curling, but also to give the sofa elegant nostalgia.

2, nostalgic American leather sofa. Old-fashioned American country style leather sofa, foreign trade quality, fashion design, comfortable touch and sitting feeling, soft, breathable and skin-friendly, anti-static and wear-resistant.

3, American retro wind sand hair. The sofa with neo-classical temperament, classical country modern style, in shape design, the six faces of handrail are mixed with streamlines and slashes, the overall shape is stable and rhythmic.

4, American retro wax sofa. American-style sofa, head leather fabric, retro-European drawing point Art, single-seat, double-seat and three-person position, oil and wax skin of the fabric comfortable and integral sense.

5, neo-classical European-style small household sofa. American country style sofa, neoclassical retro design modeling, buckle technology, modern sofa arc, comfortable feeling.


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