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The agreeable sofa for your living room

No matter how the trend changes, the sofa always occupies the Center position of the living room decoration. It determines the style and atmosphere of the entire space to a large degree. A sofa, both fancy and practical, is definitely good to enhance the beauty of the living room. So, how should we choose as the eye-catching large furniture in the living room? Today, we start with the material of the sofa to provide you with some inspiration and reference.

loveseat recliner chair

1. Fabric sofa
Fabric sofas are the most common type of sofa in modern home life. Fabric sofas have good breathability and high softness. Different fabrics is of different texture, showing their personal charm and style, especially the simple, Nordic style fabric sofas. The color choices are mostly white, beige and other plain colors, giving a clean and elegant feeling. However, the surface the fabric sofa is easy to be dirty and difficult to take care of. Although it can be removed and cleaned regularly, the color will fade. Over time, a very old feeling may appear. If you are a lazy man, you may choose a dark cloth sofa. It is resistant to dirt and matched with bright soft decoration, which looks dignified and elegant.

2. Leather sofa
The material of the leather sofa determines that it is more suitable for improving the luxury of the living room. It is an indispensable decoration for luxury villas. It is sturdy and durable, heavy and stable, with its inherently luxurious temperament, moderate flexibility and solidity. It is far beyond the performance of fabric sofas. Cleaning and maintenance is not as complicated as imagined. For dust, just immerse the towel in clean water and gently wipe the sofa surface after wringing. If  no accidental wear, you only need to wipe the leather with special care oil on a regular basis. Most of the colors are mainly brown.  However, the color of sofas is more and more various  with the development of modern decorative printing and dyeing technology,

3. Velvet sofa
The velvet sofa is silky to the touch and soft to the skin, especially favored by high-end people. Velvet fabric is not common in ordinary decoration because it gives a sense of elegance and laziness. In terms of color, its performance is remarkable. With the same color system or contrast color pillow, you can make the overall shape more layered. Of course, The velvet can also bring a perfect interpretation, making the living room have a unique atmosphere.corner recliner sofa


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