What is the origin and history of the sofa you don't know?

What is the origin and history of the sofa you don’t know?

The earliest appeared in English in English around 1625. It originated from the Arabic soffah, meaning "to put a cushion or blanket on the raised place for people to sit."

Around 1917, Sofa had the meaning of a chair.

The origin of the sofa dates back to ancient Egypt around 2000 BC, but the true soft-cloth sofa appeared in the late sixteenth to early seventeenth centuries. The Huaxinger chair, which was popular in Europe at the time, was one of the earliest sofa chairs.

1. the sofa of about 1660

This is a very beautiful sofa from the famous antique furniture collector Pendleton, now owned by the Rhode Island School of Design. As shown in the figure, the entire sofa pattern is composed of flowers and leaves, and is embossed and engraved. This sofa has the distinctive features of an early sofa, but the shell-like engraving pattern indicates that it belongs to the Qibendel art style.

2. about 1700 years old sofa

A very interesting sofa, also belonging to the art of Chippendale, was found in a farm house on Long Island and now belongs to Mr. E.B. Willitz.

3. The Chippendale style sofa from about 1770 to 1780

4.Chippendale style sofa from the late eighteenth century

5.Chippendale style sofa from the late eighteenth century

6. about 1770 - 1780 sofa

This is an unusual couch that once belonged to John Hancock and is now the Pilgrimage Hall in Plymouth.


7.about 1785 Sheraton style sofa

This Sheraton-style sand discovery belongs to Mr. Marsden J. Perry, whose style is clearly influenced by the style of the Louis XVI Academy.


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