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The origin of the rocking chair and the pioneer of design

According to paintings and literature, the first rocking motion appeared on the swinging furniture and produced the first rocking chair. It is well known that the rocking chair has typical American characteristics, but its true origin is not very clear.
rocking chair 01
Adding a sliding device to the bottom of the chair may be derived from a cradle or a wooden horse. They all appeared earlier than the rocking chair. Until the eighteenth century, no one ever wanted to use this rocking chair idea for a recognized chair.
rocking chair
In fact, in contemporary terms, rocking chairs are used to coax babies to sleep and gradually become a leisure tool for everyone, which is more interesting than ordinary chairs.
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Louis Donne combines high-end sofas and rocking chairs to make the rocking chair more practical, more beautiful, softer, and more comfortable than ordinary rocking chairs.
rocking chair 03
The rocking chair can also choose the color you like, and choose the appropriate rocking chair according to your own decoration style to beautify your home for your family to use and relax.
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