Winter home furniture maintenance, the following points must be known!

Winter home furniture maintenance, the following points must be known!

1. Humidity is the key to furniture maintenance. Humidity is the top priority in winter furniture maintenance. Especially for sofas, whether it is fabric, solid wood or leather materials, in the cold and dry environment in winter, it is very easy to crack or even fade, so humidity is the key to furniture maintenance. Of course, considering solid wood furniture Easy to absorb moisture, it is best to humidify evenly. Keep the source of humidity away from the furniture. It is more reasonable to keep the humidity of the air between 35% and 40% by planting plants or fish.


2. Opening the window for a long time will hurt the furniture. In winter, the indoor air quality is always poor. Therefore, many people will choose to open the window for as long as possible to ensure the indoor air quality. Let the dry and cold air from outside enter the indoor environment will become drier and the furniture will be affected accordingly. In winter, the time and frequency of opening the window should be reduced, which is the correct way to maintain the furniture.


3. Remember to avoid direct sunlight. In winter, people always like the favor of the sun. Not only do they enjoy sunbathing, they also like to put furniture in the sun.
To achieve the effect of heating or sterilization, but if the furniture is exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, it will appear cracking, brittleness and other phenomena. Once a high-quality leather sofa receives ultraviolet damage, its service life will be greatly reduced. Don't want your home to be damaged, you can use translucent curtains to block the sun and avoid direct exposure.


4, heating appliances must be away from furniture, cold weather, some indoor heating appliances are often used, such as air conditioners, small sun, etc. Remember to keep the air outlet of these appliances away from furniture, otherwise the heat will not only reduce the life of the furniture, most sofas All are solid wood frames. Once the temperature is too high, it is easy to cause danger. The location of the furniture should be away from the air conditioning or heating air outlet. It is recommended to keep a distance of more than 50cm.


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