99% of people don’t know the four big choices for choosing a sofa (one)

99% of people don’t know the four big choices for choosing a sofa (one)

People who are busy on a day are returning home. In addition to the bed, the time spent on the sofa is the longest. Choosing a comfortable sofa will bring you not only physical and mental enjoyment, but also health. Learn these four tricks of small teaching, you can choose comfortable, environmentally friendly, durable high quality sofa.

Look at the fabric: decide the quality of the sofa

The sofa is destined to be one of the most frequently used objects in the home. For a long time, the sofa becomes dirty. Some sofas can be removed and washed. How much does this affect the flat appearance of the original fabric. Therefore, high-end brand sofas will remind you to send sand to the cleaning company for regular cleaning.

the sofa

Look at the filler: avoid black cotton

First of all, choose the sponge of the sofa to see if it is a high-elastic and high-density sponge. The sponge must choose a soft and moderate sponge. There is so-called wrapping and there is no fear of sitting down. The sponge is elastic and high. The super soft and elastic bullets are three. Under normal circumstances, the human body sits down and the sofa cushion is about 5-10 cm.

the sofathe sofa

There is also a key point. Everyone knows that the environmental protection of the sofa is not environmentally friendly. The standard of the sponge is not up to standard. The environmental protection of wooden furniture and sofa sponges.  Do you endure this sofa in 3-5 or 10 years?



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