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Detailed process of purchasing a sofa

  1. Consultation: First of all, consumers should contact the sofa manufacturer by phone or network, to learn about the main process and cost of customizing sofas, and then determine the meeting time.
  2. Interview: According to the determined time, go to the sofa factory to see the sofa samples, and then learn the raw materials and production process, as well as the characteristics and functions of the sofa. Then determine the sofa styles and functions with the manufacturer, and finally determine the time for the production plan.
  3. Detailed planning: After the preliminary sofa plan is determined by the custom sofa manufacturer, meet to learn more about the custom plan, and then modify and supplement it, adjust the plan, and determine the final custom plan.
  4. Signing the contract: After the final plan and costs are determined, the two parties must sign the contract. And then pay the deposit. Generally, 30% payment is required.
  5. Manufacturing: In the manufacturing process, it is necessary to keep customers informed the progress of the plan. And, then communicate with consumers in time for any problems in the production process.
  6. Delivery: After the production is completed, the sofa factory will send customers pictures and videos for confirmation. And the customers will pay the 70% balance. Finally, the manufacture will help send the sofas to customers’ shipping agent.corner recliner sofa
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