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How to place the sofa in the living room?

                 How to place the sofa in the living room?

Living room sofa is the important role of sitting room furniture, sitting room sofa should choose according to sitting room style, but different sitting room sofa puts the main point that also has different layout. The layout of sitting room sofa can choose according to door model, the direction of corner had better be to follow direction of corner, can save a space so.

modern blue velvet sofa

1. The layout of a zigzag sofa -- in proper order. In the sitting room, area of sofa of a figure is used very general, it gives a person with sweet and compact sense, suit to build intimate atmosphere. Want to show a glyph simply to put the sofa in the sitting room only, sofa is lined up along one side metope, place tea table, TV opposite. Such layout can save a space, increase sitting room mobile range, suit long and narrow small sitting room.

modern living room sofa

L - shaped corner sofa layout - changeability.

Corner form sofa area suits relatively fashionable household design commonly, and also can let a space get make full use of. Many or the "corner type" that a single sofa combines has movable, changeability, can change layout according to need, let sitting room be full of fresh feeling forever.

double recliner sofa with console

3, U-shaped pattern placed sofa, often occupying a large space, so the use of comfort is relatively high, especially for population More family. It is very convenient for a family to sit around and enjoy family time and communicate. Because the U-shaped pattern encloses a certain space, sofa itself has the role of invisible partition, invisibly dividing the boundaries of the living room. Out.

The sofa enclosure layout is becoming more and more popular, which not only makes the center of the space more prominent, but also makes it more functional. Sofas are arranged along three adjacent walls, with a coffee table placed in the middle, making it easy for guests to take a seat, easy to talk to, and easy for the eye to look around. It's perfect for families who are keen to socialise.


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