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Which is better, fabric sofa or leather sofa?

Which is better, fabric sofa or leather sofa?

It is probably a worry for many friends, when buying a sofa, whether to choose a new style, easy to take care of the fabric sofa, or Choose a classic style, long service life of leather sofa, this is indeed a problem. Cloth sofas and leather sofas can be said to have their own strengths, I have a cloth sofa and leather sofa PK, will be the respective Advantages and disadvantages were listed, we compare, fabric sofa and leather sofa difference will be obvious, in the selection is also very easy!

Cloth sofa VS leather sofa first round PK: than style
Compared to the elegant leather sofa, fabric sofa is more lightweight and soft, more innovative style, colorful, very suitable for the leather sofa. Young people's taste. Fabric sofa fabric variety, silk, satin fabric sofa elegant, luxurious, giving people a feeling of splendor; rough linen, corduroy The sofa made is heavy and substantial. From the pattern, you can choose lattice, geometric patterns, large flower patterns and monochrome fabrics for sofas. Checker pattern fabric looks neat, refreshing, in the design of simple, bright room is very appropriate; geometric and abstract patterns of sofa Give people a modern, avant-garde feeling, suitable for modernist families; big flower pattern sofa jumping, bright, can be for dull, old-fashioned Family brings vitality and vitality; monochrome fabric is very popular, large single color to give people a calm, fresh atmosphere in the room. Leather sofas, whether from the shape or fabric, are luxurious and imposing, calm and dignified, imposing, especially spacious living room, put On such a sofa, it will enhance the whole room, and the choice of fabric color will be less than the fabric sofa.

PK Result: fabric sofa wins

fabric recliner sofa

Fabric sofa VS leather sofa second round PK: price

This round of PK without suspense, is naturally the leather sofa price is higher, fabric sofa price is cheaper, if you look at the price-performance ratio, I think, or fabric sofa slightly better.

PK result: fabric sofa win

fabric sofa vs leather sofa PK: craftsmanship
Leather sofas are divided into full leather sofas and half leather sofas, each set of full leather sofas to spend the equivalent of 10 head of cowhide, high value, breathable! And good environmental performance, Europe and the United States and other developed countries generally use full leather sofas. Half leather sofa in the sofa back, bottom and some other hidden parts to PU leather or artificial leather PVC instead of cowhide, but the human body direct Contact parts are still high value cowhide, thus reducing the cost of the sofa, more economical. Sofa leather is divided into yellow leather and buffalo leather, according to the number of layers into the first layer of skin, two layers of skin and three layers of skin, etc.; according to the origin is divided into domestic leather and imported leather. Leather. Imported leather is the best quality first layer yellow cowhide imported from Italy and Germany, which meets the strict environmental requirements. Good air permeability, high mechanical strength, especially tear strength and high tensile strength. Quality leather sofa must be selected first layer of yellow leather. Generally speaking, the leather sofa treatment process is very tedious and complex, need to go through many processes, the quality of nature is also first-class. In contrast, the cloth sofa process is relatively simple.
PK results: leather sofa wins

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