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Stay away from vengeful late nights and get quality sleep now!

Brief: No to baldness, starting with me!
I don't know when, but staying up late has become a normal part of life for some young people. We often say "good night" on the lips, which has become the starting key for the night alone. With the slogan "I won't sleep if the moon doesn't sleep, I'm a bald baby" ringing out, retaliatory staying up late has become popular among young people. Trend.

What is "staying up late with a vengeance"? Retaliatory staying up late is an attempt to find compensation by staying up late at night after having a bad or unfulfilling day and not wanting to sleep at night. Nightlife beyond the eight hours has become the most important point in the day for some young people.
However, there are a number of obvious or invisible negative consequences that come with staying up late with a vengeance. Most intuitively, staying up late the next day usually leaves you feeling depressed and exhausted, resulting in poor performance at school or work. In the long run, the body's biological clock begins to disrupt, leading to hormonal imbalances, thinning hair, and gradual weight gain, which seriously affects the Body shape and form. What's more, diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol followed.

Staying up late with a vengeance can be very costly.
So, for the sake of your health and my health, please stay away from the vindictive late nights with Danny and get the following tips for quality sleep.
First. Maintain a stable sleep rhythm.
Sleep rhythms are what we call biological clocks. Regulating your biological clock is important to your physical and mental health. Biological clock regulation requires us to maintain the consistency of sleep time, it is an important part of quality sleep, irregular bedtime will be It makes the quality of sleep compromised. So even on holidays, it's best to stick to a routine that synchronizes with your work/study day.

Second, proper bedtime soothing activities
Soothing activities before bed can provide a degree of relaxation, such as hot baths, journaling, meditation, yoga, etc. Don't give yourself mental prompts or overthink your current sleep state before bedtime, as this can add to your anxiety. Develop good bedtime habits, seek deep inner peace, and follow your heart to sleep peacefully.

Third, restrained afternoon coffee milk tea
The caffeine in coffee, the caffeine and the theophylline in milk tea are all extremely excitable to the nerves and they stay in the human system several hours. So, it is recommended that you do not drink coffee or milk tea eight hours before bedtime.

Fourth, keep the bedroom cool.

According to the circadian rhythm of our human body, the body temperature will naturally drop before bedtime, and the coolness of the bedroom can naturally start the process. The best sleep temperature of the human body is generally between 16℃-21℃, so a slightly cooler bedroom is the best environment to sleep.

Fifth, Choose comfortable bedding
The basic requirement for quality sleep is to have a mattress that is comfortable and suitable for you. A good mattress is not only the core of a good night's sleep, but also a necessity for a healthy life. We need to choose a mattress that fits the curves of our body, and ideally supports our body's load-bearing points perfectly, allowing our muscles to work together in To achieve the most relaxed state during sleep. Based on ergonomic principles, the mattress is divided into seven zones to provide strong support, protect the spine and release pressure. Give the user the best sleep experience.



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