How to choose a sofa, what should you pay attention to when placing a sofa?

How to choose a sofa, what should you pay attention to when placing a sofa?

Sofas are very common in our lives, and there are many types of sofas in our country. People buy some furniture, including sofas, when they are renovating or getting married, but how do you choose a sofa? This can be chosen according to your own decorative style.

sofa and recliner How to choose a sofa

1.The choice of fabric sofa should pay attention to the size of the sofa. In fact, when our designers made the floor plan, the size of the sofa was calculated. According to this size, the proportion of the sofa in the entire room is just right. However, many owners did not purchase this size at a later stage. As a result, the sofa is too big, the room is very crowded, or too small and uncoordinated.

sofa and recliner

2.The style of the sofa should be consistent with the style of the living room.

3. The color of the sofa should be coordinated with the overall color of the living room.  Some owners like the color of the sofa and the overall color of the living room become a whole, which is also very good, as long as I am very Happy tone.sofa and recliner

4.The two arms naturally open and close together, and when they stand up they are free.

What should you pay attention to when placing the sofa?

1,Selection of suits: sofas are divided into shapes, single sofas, double sofas, couches, curved sofas and round sofas; according to materials, there are leather sofas, cloth sofas, rattan sofas and traditional rosewood chairs; It is more diverse in terms of color and shape. The number of sofa sets in the living room avoids a half sofa or a round sofa.

2, the position of the sofa: the sofa should be placed in the residence of Kyrgyzstan. Traditionally, it is believed that in the direction of Geely, young people and the elderly can get their enthusiasm; if mistakes are at a disadvantage, a young person and an elderly person will suffer and there is no peace.

sofa and recliner

3,There is always a sense of attack behind them. It is best to rely on the wall for peace of mind. Another method is to place the low cabinet or screen behind it and use a "manual backing" to fix it.
There are many brands of sofas in China. You can understand the performance of these brands before buying. By the way, you can find out which kind of sofa is economical and practical. After all, it takes a long time to buy a piece of furniture.

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