Do you know much about the sponge used for recliner sofa set? -

Do you know much about the sponge used for recliner sofa set?

Sofa is a kind of popular furniture that's chosen by most homes.  And there's a lot of  material used for sofa set. The feeling that different material brings to us is not the same.  The most welcome one is sponge sofa. It's with  the characteristic of flexibility and support to the body. Do you know much about the sponge used for sofa? You will know much more after reading this article.

L shape sofa

In the industry, sponges are classified by density, which is KGM3, the weight per cubic meter of sponge. Density is an important indicator of matter. High density indicates that the space inside is small. The wieght for higher density sponge is heavier for same cubic meater of sponge. For example, 40 density, the weight of a cubic meter sponge is 40 kilograms, and 50 density, 50 kilograms per cubic meter. Generally speaking, the hardness of the sponge with high density is also high. However, in some cases,  high-density sponges can be added with super soft additives, making the sponge super soft, used for sound-absorbing cotton, sofa cushion, soft bag materials. Medium and low density sponge is used for general protection.

The density for the sponge used for sofa cushion commonly is about 35. The one for mattess is commonly about 22. So-called high-density sponge is a common term used by salesmen to introduce products. According to the explanation of national customs department, hight density > 45 , medium density 45~18, low density <18. For high-grade sofa set, seat cushion should use the high elastic foam sponge with density above 30 kg/m3, back cushion above 25 kg/m3.

To improve the comfort of sofa set, some sponge are soften without reducing density. Some is installed with vertical spring inside cushion, making sofa set higher resilience and aging-resisting performance. Normally, it's the best if sofa cushion sinks for less than 10 centimeters or so after one sits on it. Finally, if the sofa has foam, be bound to fill it with cotton or polyester to ensure comfort and stability.

L shape sofa

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