Home fabric sofa placement direction and feng shui (upper)

Home fabric sofa placement direction and feng shui (upper)

When the house is finished, the furniture is placed. The first consideration in the living room is the placement of the sofa, both atmospheric and comfortable. Sitting on the sofa while meeting guests is the most appropriate. Therefore, the living room Home fabric sofa placement is also very important.1.sand distribution in residential lucky spot.

Home fabric sofa in the living room can be said to be the focus of all furniture, but also the family often sit and lie. Although the auspicious position of the house varies according to the location of the house. But the location of the sofa must be placed in the auspicious position, a family, young and old can be healthy. If the wrong place is in a bad position, the family is restless.2.Home fabric sofa furnishings should not be bent straight.

Why do we usually have U sofa furnishings in the common living room? Especially in the older generation of houses ,90% are such furnishings. In fact, there is geomantic science in it, the older generation pays special attention to geomantic, in the middle of the auspicious position, the U font outstretched like two arms around the pocket, and the central depression is the geomantic gas, can hide the wind to gather gas, In order to achieve Ding Cai two prosperous. So a straight sofa is very rare.3.There's no mirror behind the Home fabric sofa.

The mirror can expand the view and make the space look wider, so someone will put the mirror on the wall behind the Home fabric sofa. But in feng shui, mirrors reflect. It shouldn't be in the place of people. This can lead to a loss of soul, restless spirit.

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