Genuine leather sofa How does genuine leather sofa decontamination?

How does genuine leather sofa decontamination?

Sofa has become a must for every family,is indispensable to the living room.sofa has become an indispensable living room furniture in our daily life.A high-quality sofa can directly improve the entire living room decoration effect and temperament.Nowadays,many families like to use genuine leather sofa,leather sofa is very good.To increase the use of leather sofa time,you must know how to protect the sofa.Method for cleaning stains on leather sofas.

First:"alkali method "leather sofa heavy dirt,edible alkali is about to shine on the stage. with sponge dip water wipesofa,old dirt can be removed,cleaning effect immediately. But remember to clean a place should be immediately cleaned with clean water.

Second:"neutral"leather sofa on the top of the beer,coffee and other stains.with a white towel with neutral soapy water gently wipe.immediately after the clean water to scrub clean. Third:"wash white"leather sofa too long will be covered with stains.light color sofa is more obvious. Dip and wet the surface of the genuine leather sofa with a towel. Then dip the bottle of"safe bleach"with a towel to wipe the dirt. And then wet the towel with clean water to wipe the leather sand.

Fourth:"paste film"first use gauze dip in warm water to wipe the surface of the genuine leather sofa. Then use vegetable oil composition leather scrub agent to wipe,not too hard.And then spray essential oil to form a natural protective film.Fifth:"wine therapy"plum rain season genuine leather sofa is very easy to grow mildew spot. First with the old toothbrush dip in high liquor,wipe the mildew spot.then wipe with cloth,let wine and mildew spot volatilize.

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