How to choose a sofa? Which kind of sofa can't buy?(1)

How to choose a sofa? Which kind of sofa can’t buy?(1)

  The sofa is a high-frequency furniture in the family. The family is sitting on the sofa watching TV and chatting together. It is not very happy! How to choose a sofa? Which kind of sofa can't buy?  The sofa

  The sofa
Louis Donné recommends:
1, the sofa dominates the style of furniture, if possible, first buy a sofa, then add other furniture;
2. Fully consider the characteristics of family members and purchase sofas according to their characteristics and needs;
3, sofa size, combination, etc. should be determined according to the size of the home and style.
This sentence is definitely a famous saying.  For the sofa, the quality is also the same. A better sofa must have the same price as it. Heaven will not lose the pie without any reason. Of course, this is not to say that you have to buy high prices when you buy something. The products that are truly cost-effective are the most worth buying.

  The sofa
At the same time, only with a comfortable touch, it is possible to use comfort and safety.

  The sofa
Louis Donne recommends:
1.  the sofa feels uncomfortable, do not buy;
2. Pay attention to whether the sofa will fade or not.

If the sofa has obvious odor, especially irritating taste, it means that the emission of harmful components such as formaldehyde on the sofa is excessive, which will seriously affect the safety and health of the user. Such products are definitely not available for purchase. In addition, if the sofa has a richer fragrance, it needs to be purchased with caution.

  The sofa

Louis Donné recommends: that the scent is lighter and the non-irritating sofa is better.

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