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Home theater sofa is not just a sofa, it is actually very particular!

The  home theater Sofa is the seat of the home theater. Many people think this is good. This is not an ordinary living room sofa, or an upgraded version? But in fact, it is very different from ordinary sofas, especially with the development of home theater technology, this difference is becoming more and more obvious. In addition to the comfort of the sofa, the theater sofa also needs to add some functions, such as matching 4D movie appreciation function, and then become an important part of the home theater intelligent system together with other audio and video equipment.

Home theater sofa with more comfortable seating function
Ordinary living room sofa, is to consider the design of the appearance. However, when we watch movies, we usually maintain a long sitting position, which inevitably leads to physical fatigue, and comfort becomes particularly important. The home theater sofa is tailored according to the details of home theater comfort. The softness, material, gravity bearing, backrest and sitting depth are all strictly designed for the head, neck and waist. The knees and feet are completely relaxed, providing perfect support for the whole body, so that the human body can get a real rest. Generally speaking, the softness, surface material, backrest height, weight-bearing, and back stretching and bending for different heights and weights are all issues that need to be considered when choosing a sofa in a home theater.

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