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Lift chair is designed for the elder

The physical functions of the elderly gradually decline, and their physical strength is not as good as before as one get aged. The hip muscles of the elderly gradually shrink, the bursa on the ischial node also undergoes degenerative changes. The mucus secretion decreases, and buffering capacity decreases. If you often sit on a hard bench, it will induce sciatic tuberculosis bursitis, especially for elderly people who are thin and weak. Such injuries are more likely to occur, and chairs or soft sofas will also cause elderly muscle strain. If an elderly person uses an unsuitable chair, he will be trapped in the chair, the curvature of the human spine will be greater, and the burden on the lower back muscles will be heavier. For the elderly with relatively loose bones, there is also a certain risk.

The lift chair is designed according to the special physiological characteristics of the elderly, which fully considers the comfort, safety and convenience of the elderly during use. Elderly people are very comfortable in sitting, leaning and reclining when using, and they are also very convenient to use, which can effectively promote physical health. The design of the lift chair combines the needs of the elderly. The armrest is simple in shape, safer, and more conducive for users to sit and lift at will. With the soft and comfortable backrest, you can feel very comfortable even in direct contact with the skin, allowing the body to achieve the best state of relaxation from head to toe. A good lift chair is not only convenient for the elderly's daily life, but also good for the elderly's health.

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