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How to choose the living room sofa?

The size of the sofa is definitely the first problem in home decoration. When I chose it, it seemed that the room was too crowded; How can I choose a sofa that is not too big?

living room sofa

The depth of the sofa refers to the depth of the seat + the thickness of the backrest. The user needs to know in advance that the thickness of the backrest of the sofa has nothing to do with the comfort and is supported by the frame. The backrest is thick and the sofa is large, and the backrest is thin and the sofa is small.

living room sofa

The width of the main sofa (including the handrail, the same below) should be 1.2~1.5 times of the TV background wall - the main sofa, which refers to the largest sofa in the sofa (the one facing the TV wall); the whole sofa In addition, the part other than the chaise couch is removed. If there is no TV background wall, the TV cabinet width shall prevail. The width of the independent sofa should be 0.5~0.75 times of the main sofa.

living room sofa
How many sofas are there in the living room? The size of the main sofa is determined, do you want a private couch or a separate sofa? These problems can be determined by the area - through the above calculation, the area (width * depth) of a single sofa can be determined. We have to measure the total area of ​​the living room. The sum of the areas of all sofas should be one quarter of the living room area.

living room sofa

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