Genuine leather sofa the Origin of, sofa itself are from European countries.

Origin of the genuine leather sofa

In ancient times,there was a saying ," Stand like a pine,sit like a bell,walk like a wind,lie like a bow ." It can be seen that people in ancient times to stand,sitting posture requirements are very high. In modern life,some behavior habits have quietly changed. For example,sitting posture,busy people back home,the most comfortable thing is after dinner,sitting on a wide and comfortable genuine leather sofa,enjoy a happy life.Or in the office, a simple genuine leather sofa, so that the serious office, more a soft.The sofa allows our bodies to relax fully. Because of the comfort and softness of the sofa, it is more popular. Now the sofa has slowly become the most important sitting and lying furniture for entertainment and leisure.In daily life, you can see many sofa types, such as leather sofa,cloth sofa and wood, cloth combined sofa. If according to the appearance classification,can be divided into ordinary sofa, low back sofa, high back sofa. According to the style classification,can be divided into American sofa, Japanese sofa,Chinese sofa, European sofa. One of the European sofa is applicable to a wide range, placed in a variety of styles of bedroom feel good.

The name of genuine leather sofa and sofa itself, are from European countries. It was only introduced into China in the mid-1980s, and at first all sofas were imported from abroad. Domestic only court aristocrats can use. Later we mastered the sofa production technology, and more mature. Sofa, once a luxury, also entered the homes of ordinary people.

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